Monday, July 18, 2011

Flow of Inspiration

The flow of inspiration in a creative project interests me as much as the finished product.  
For example..
 These fabrics came home with me from the scrap bins at Victoria's retreat this spring. 

Inspired by LeeAnn's beautiful zig-zag quilt, I started my own variation on the theme. 


But the next time I got out the fabric, this little piece just screamed to be fussy cut...


...and I found myself tired of the red/brown/gold color scheme.  

I remembered all the unique color combinations I saw at the retreat (like the red, cheddar and PINK in Karen's quilt or the light blue HST's in Victoria's WIP).  

I thought of the combination of old and new colors in these quilts from the Empire Quilters April meeting with Roberta Horton and Mary Mushuta.  (Dusty paisley with a light lime green anyone?  Why not add some deep indigo and Kaffe reds?)
(Photo courtesy of Helen.)

So, I dug out my scraps to see what possible new directions I might be able to go.  

Maybe some black and white striped fabric (which I bet were scraps from Karen!)?  Sure!  Love it.   

How about fuschia and turquoise too?  Why not?

 Don't know where she'll go next...but I love the way a little inspiration from somewhere else can send something I'm working on in a whole new direction.  

Any surprise inspirations in your creative process lately?

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  1. Andrea, Your zigzag quilt looks wonderful! Very modern, yet still warm and cozy feeling.


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