Sunday, December 1, 2013

NYC MetroMOD DWR Challenge

Inspired by Victoria Findley Wolf's win at QuiltCon with Double Edged Love, our guild sponsored a Double Wedding Ring Quilt challenge.  I've always like the DWR, so here was a chance to give it a whirl!

To start, I pulled a happy and bright orphan improvisational block from my pile.  Added a little more to it to bring it "up to size" and made sure to include a little blue bird from one of my favorite fabrics.  Decided it looked like spring and needed some green rings.  Pieced several...but they were too busy so dropped back to the solid rings.  Was not in love with any of my binding options so I decided to try something new and do an envelope binding.  Quilted her up and here she is!

I like it!  She'll look pretty on my kitchen table under a springtime bouquet in a few months.

And my take on the DWR?  Less intimidating than I expected...but I also decided I would really like to get some tips from someone who has made this block before.  Those curves distort some, I wasn't always sure of the best way to line things up and was guessing the best way to work with the seam allowances when putting it all together.  I'd love to get better at my precision with this one.  Anyone know of any NYC classes for the DWR?  I think I'd like to do a little more!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

For a Friend

A block for a quilt being made for a very sick friend who lives far away....

Loved drafting this one and how it turned out.  The center's a little bulky and was tricky.  Wonder if a different piecing approach would work better?  Hmmmmm....something to consider playing with more, but all-in-all...a fun block to sew.

p.s.  Oh how I love that black print from Paula Prass's Summer Soiree!  I had two strips from a friend'ss stash that I used here.  I wish I had yards and yards of it, but alas, it is not to be found anywhere.  Why must lovely, lovely prints go out of print???  Anyone have a secret stash they want to share?  :)