Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Quilt for Basics

Victoria over at Bumblebeans, Inc. is doing an amazing quilt drive for Basics, a non-profit organization here in NYC that helps homeless families.  Her initial interest in finding a good home for a few of her extra quilts ultimately grew into an effort to gather a total of 700 quilts, one for each of the families in Basics' transitional housing program.

Over 300 quilts have been distributed already and I've been lucky enough to be there for two different quilt distribution days.  It is amazing to see how touched families and individuals are to receive their very own quilt, lovingly handmade by someone they don't know.

Finally, I'm adding one of my quilts to the effort!  This little Irish Chain quilt was sent on its way to Basics last week. 

Here's the pieced back.  I loved that fun cherry print!

It's a quilt I started years ago when I first started quilting but only recently finished quilting it.  I loved having an excuse to play with new quilting ideas and to practice some of the old stand-bys.  Certainly learned a few things, like how much I appreciate my open toe free-motion foot!

Do you have a quilt you could finish up and send?  One more family could be cheered by your creativity and warmed by your quilt.  Check out the donation details here.  Hope to see a quilt from you at the next donation day too!